In recent times and with the incorporation of new technologies, we have acquired cutting-edge agricultural machinery. We have also acquired a new fleet of vehicles that facilitate the transport and guarantee optimum conditions so that our products preserve the same freshness and properties that they have when picked.



The second generation continues with the company´s philosophy, with quality and innovation being its principle pillars.

The company´s facilities occupy a total of 10.000 square metres, distributed between two large warehouses, with the latest technology in refrigeration, handling and packaging and a new laboratory with a specialised technical team.

Agromolinillo´s new facilities guarantee excellent fruit preservation right from the beginning, vital so that it arrives to markets such as the Middle East, Asia or Canada as if recently picked.



The former tendency within the strawberry sector to use a single variety of plant is now evolving into a multi variety mode. Such evolution makes us continuously investigate and to be immersed in varietal programmes to be at the forefront of market and consumer demands.

With regards to blueberries, we are collaborating with some American universities in order to position ourselves at the forefront of the cultivation of these berries, including production deadlines, appropriate crops or varietal programmes.



The national and international Fairs are sectorial tools that allow us to measure the potential of our products in other markets, analyse the competition, study new trends and make a large number of contacts within a short period of time.

We are currently present in the main Fairs of our sector, both at national and international levels (Fruit Attraction, Fruit LOGISTICA…)



Agromolinillo continues its commitment with the blueberry. This is demonstrated via the development of its R + D department on its farms and developing its own field research. The main objective of this activity is to be able to perfect certain varieties adapting it to new markets.



The company has carried out a renovation of its packaging, adapting itself to changing times and new consumers, which will make its products reach the markets in a more attractive and innovative way. Our consumer´s demands reinforce our effort to invest in our packaging range with the aim to not only make it attractive but also useful and easy to use.