Project Description


Agromolinillo grows different varieties of strawberries.

The already long trajectory in this sector motivates us so that, season after season, we continue improving and diversifying, always looking for that path of excellence.

Our plantation which begins in October allows us to have fruit available mid to end of December.

At present, we produce different varieties: Rabida, Rociera, Calinda and Savana and we are, simultaneously, evaluating varieties such as Zahara and Zafari.

Each strawberry is handpicked and should comply with our quality standards for sweetness, size and colour.

Quality control is part of our production process.

The calibre of our fruit is medium-large, throughout the whole harvest. The skin has great elasticity, and its pulp is red, consistent and aromatic, with high levels of sugar.

At present, our plantation amounts to nine and a half million plants (9.500,000), approximately 150 hectares.

Planting and harvesting calendar

The cultivation of strawberries begins mid-October or beginning of November with the planting of these (once the soil has been disinfected). Depending on the variety planted, production commences at the beginning of January and finishes towards the end of May, with peak supply mid March beginning of April.




100 hectares of strawberries of the 700 hectares in cultivation

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Preservation advice:

-Always keep stored in its original packaging at a temperature between 32º and 34º Fahrenheit.

-Rinse gently with cold water just before consumption.

-Bring to room temperature before serving to boost its natural flavour.